Cape Coral

Backflow Testing, Service, Repair & Installation


Backflow testing needs to be performed periodically due to the fact that backflow prevention devices have moving parts that are subject to wear and failure. Backflow prevention devices (often referred to as “backflows”) help keep non potable or contaminated water from entering your potable water system.

When you have your backflow tested you need to make sure that it is done by an appropriated licensed company. G.P. Plumbing and Air Conditioning Corp. is a Certified Backflow Tester and fully licensed by the State of Florida (License #0771) to perform backflow testing as well as perform service, repair and installation of backflow prevention devices. We are also owned and operated by a licensed Master Plumber (License #1427123)


Convenient and Economical Service

We service all of the Cape Coral, FL and surrounding areas. Our backflow testing service is very convenient and economical.  If you need an inspection performed, just call our office and we can schedule the inspection. Our inspections include:

  • Backflow prevention device certification
  • Recertification of backflow devices at required intervals
  • Proper records documentation and retention of backflow inspections
  • Certified, Licensed and Insured service


Inspection Results

Once we have inspected the backflow, we will provide you with a written a copy of the inspection report.  If the inspection reveals any issues that need to be addressed in the way of service or repairs, we will document the issues in the report and can provide you with a written estimate for the service or repairs needed.


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